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Inspiring words from our founder:

‘To Designing something is like coming home. Most of us  today have widely travelled and constantly surrounded in diverse cultures; that which is a common trait of modern lifestyle. There has never been a better time for the birth of 'something new' . This makes it difficult to say what is Home other than the times when we sit to explore new ways to Design. We remember where we are that very moment when these ideas appear, what were the mental state and the influences of every project designed. Perhaps, such is a timeline of all creations in history since we innovated uses of fire. We all know that design does not exist in itself; to realise it means to work with the toughest challenges of contemporary economics, power structures, varied opinions and multitude of needs. But through it all we must create an evolutionary space. Even though the designer has no ownership of the property, that little feeling when you know a vision has come true- its extraordinary. Hard to describe in words but enough to motivate us towards the next one....

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